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22 December 2006


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Jenny D

There's a good sort of group biography called "The Godwins and the Shelleys," by William St Clair; and I must also recommend Richard Holmes's absolutely wonderful Shelley biography "The Pursuit"...


Sucky cover indeed.


It's not flying off the shelves in Seattle.


I was disappointed by the cover as well - especially when compared to "Romeo's Ex" by Lisa Fiedler and "Ophelia" by Lisa Klein - those are gorgeous and Mary Shelley deserved better. As for the book though, I thought it was very well done and should prompt some interest in "Frankenstein" among teen girls who might not pick it up otherwise. I also reviewed Thomas and Dorothy Hoobler's "Monsters" along with "Angelmonster" for this month's feature on the classics over at Bookslut. I loved loved loved the Hoobler book - an adult biography of the event and participants that resulted in both "Frankenstein" and the first (we believe) vampire novel. Do recommend it for folks interested in the Shelleys, Byron, Dracula, etc.

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