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06 December 2006


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Kelly Fineman

I adored this one. I even gave it credit for being a particularly American fantasy -- no elves or sorcerers, really. More like a PT Barnum inventor character and some really original ideas.

Thanks for the reminder and the great review.

Heather Doss

I loved this book and all of the quirky characters! The upcoming sequel, The Chaos King, has Georgie (Gurl) dealing with a new school, new family life, and the Second Richest Girl in the Universe. It's due out June 2007 according to the Summer Harper Catalog.

5th grader from school

Laura Ruby came to our class in 5th grade and she is really nice! Our teacher read the Wall and the Wing! Gurl is so cool and the book was awesome! Keep up the good work Laura Ruby!


THIS IS THE BEST BOOK ON THE PLANET! I HIGHLY reccomend it. It's my favorite book, other then the the true Meaning of Smekday, which is really good!

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