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05 January 2007


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I'm with you on Ida B. I was kind of stunned by that book and the response to it. But that often happens to me with those kinds of books.

Anna Marie

Same here about Ida B. I was enchanted by the audio clip the publisher sent and then when I finished the book I felt so blah.


Oh, good. I feel better.


I swear I'm trying to catch up. Yep there are a couple on that list that I actually read and forgot about because well, they were forgettable.

And I still don't like Knuffle Bunny.

Yeah, yeah, make my own list, shush.


Shocking. Knuffle Bunny rules.

Fuse #8

I HATE "Ida B". With a passion unbeknownst to man or beast. I also routinely shock fellow librarians and book lovers when I get confused and tell people I hate "So B It".

Oh, like you've never done it.


Oh, HOORAY. I love it when we are united in our hatred.

I still haven't read So B It. I'm scared that it'll be too sad for me. I'm such a loser.

Carl V.

I have to disagree with you...I loved Ida B. I'm a big fan of trees...have been since I was a kid climbing ridiculously high in them and sitting for hours. I enjoyed every part of it, one of my favorite children's books that year (think I read it in '05).

Little Willow

When people ask me about Ida B, I tell them So B. It is much B-etter. Ooh! I have to go add that to my If Then kidlit list now!

Saving Francesca is FANTASTIC.

Liz B

So I'm reading thru the comments thinking I loved Ida B....

And then realized no, Liz, you love So B It. You've never read Ida B.

Sigh. This is why I have a lot of patience with the "I'm looking for a red book on a high shelf" patrons. Cause I'm one of them.


I was glad to see that Pratchett's Tiffany Aching books (now with Wintersmith as a 3rd) made the list though. A good gateway series into DW for someone who enjoys them as well.


What's the big deal with Whittington? I was SHOCKED when it got a Newbery honor - it was shoddily written, in my opinion.

I'm in the pro-Knuffle Bunny camp.

I love that all four Casson books are on there - they really belong together.

I was kind of bored by Wee Free Men. Okay, but not particularly memorable.

Saving Francesca rocks.

I've got to read both Ida B and So B It so I can weigh in on this (confusing) debate.

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