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11 January 2007


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Sarah I.

I saw this at my library right after I read your blog and freaked out. Yay, my library has a book that Leila has read for once! :)

I would agree with you that Victoria is prickly. It wasn't until she started to let people in, that I felt like I was let in. That's kind of cool though. And Max was awesome.


Today's high school girls are more sophisticated and knowledgeable in their fashion selections than ever before. There was a time that girls would choose a dress for the big night just because a certain celebrity had been seen in it. No more... today's prom shoppers are more savvy about style, cut, and what works for them as individuals. They watch the celebrities, then interpret the looks and make them their own.. Sure it is cool to have the same gown as a favorite celebrity, but the most important girl to...

darla d

I loved this one, too - and found myself falling for the book before Victoria, too, although eventually I did. I loved the understated parts of the book as well. Can't wait to read more of her stuff!

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