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12 January 2007


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Claudia Kishi original--funny! I remember loving the outfit descriptions "back in the day." But now, I can't remember the last time I read an outfit description in a book.


I remember reading and enjoying this when it came out. It's interesting that my library has it shelved in adult fiction rather than YA fiction. I can only assume for the lesbian issues. However, the books with gay issues appear to be allowed in YA. Curious - and disturbing.


That is very odd, MR. I can't imagine shelving this one anywhere but the YA section.


ooo, didn't know about the sequel - thanks for the info.


I so read this at the Monkey. How did you miss it?

Little Willow

Great book, indeed.

Little Willow

P.S. Sell this book with Annie On My Mind, Boy Meets Boy, and Keeping You a Secret.

P.P.S. Is your blog syndicated on LiveJournal?



Little Willow

Yay. Gracias.

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