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12 January 2007


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Ok, let me get this straight. Random House has contracted an otherwise unknown author because she has been infringing upon, with great success, a copyrighted character and series that they publish? Am I understanding that correctly?

That seems like a conflict of interests at the very least.

I don't know how J.K. feels about fan fiction, but I know of several authors who go off the deep end about it.


I think it's great that they're blatantly going after someone who does this, rather than finding out some time down the road that they rip people off.

Little Willow

The title Harry Potter and the Decline of the High Elves brings to mind an animated clip of Keebler elves falling off a high branch of a tree while Harry watches.


Since I can't read Spanish, I have only read the first two chapters of Fran Solar's story and I am already convinced this is a very capable writer. She is using Rowlings universe, yes, but she is adding a lot of her own, most notably the concept that you can read about the THOUGHT of ALL characters not only Harry's. That makes the story much richer - I could not believe it before reading it. Highly recommended reading.

Sure, the Potter universe originated with Rowling, and she is a genius having invented such a world which gives so many people entertainment, fantasy and dreams, however I think that trademarking story characters (!!!!) is a greedy move that does not fit into the literary world. Rowling has done a wonderful job, and she is incredibly wealthy now as a result. Jo, why don't you pay back a small tribute to the community and DROP THE TRADEMARKS so that fans can write and OFFICIALLY publish their stories? After all, copyrights originally intended to PROTECT HUMAN CREATIVITY, not to forbid it! (Read Richard Stallman).


PS. Please somebody continue translating chapters of Fran Solar's wonderful story.

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