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04 January 2007


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Carl V.

I have that exact same kind of stubbornness!!! This is one I bought for a friend for Christmas and can't wait until she is finished so that I can borrow it from her!


SO GOOD. I really loved it -- finished the write-up and immediately handed the copy off to a friend without even asking if she needed another book.


I actually liked this book better than The Book Thief, which I think is a much more traditional book. I did think the ending of I Am The Messenger was a big disappointment. But, otherwise, a great book.

Lazy Cow

This was my first book of 2007 and I adored it too. Stayed up till 2am New Years' Day to finish it. I agree with Gail about the ending, but how else could it have been done? Can't wait to read The Book Thief now.


Nothing wrong with avoiding hyped books I think. In two years, if people still remember the book, you can always go back and read it then. Saves you the time you would have spent reading the over-hyped chunksters. :)


Thanks, Sara.

I had problems with the ending, too, guys. It was too... Pay It Forward-y. Not anywhere near as bad as that amazingly crap movie, of course, but it rubbed me the wrong way. It seemed both like a copout AND kind of preachy. I don't know how else it could have been done, either, though.

But my love for the book is undiminished. I'll be using it for the next session of my teen book group. I'm curious to see how they'll respond.

Liz B

I'm in the "great book until the last chapter" camp.

I have decided to ignore the last chapter.

Did anyone see his Printz speech on video? Very funny, including fans yelling at him "what's the deal with the last chapter??"


This is definitely my favorite book ever. I'm rereading it for the second time right now and it's just as entertaining as the first time. There isn't one thing that I don't love about it. It is so well written with humor and angst in exactly the right places. I just wish that there were more books out there like this one.


this was a really good book with twists and turns. At times my heart was hammering at my chest. Some people dont realise the little twist at the end about who was behind all the messenges. Dont forget to look at the very last page at the picture

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