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13 January 2007


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Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Thank you so much for this great news!




This is great news!



Brian F.

OK, now that I've stopped jumping up and down and I've checked to make sure that I didn't really wet myself with excitement...

Please tell me the Westing Game sequel is a manuscript that she finished before you died. Please tell me that Raskin wrote it and this isn't someone else writing it with the Raskin estate's permission. I will be heartbroken if Raskin didn't write this. I'm hoping the manuscript was found in a desk drawer and forgotten about since her death. Please. Don't get my hopes up, only to take them away.

Little Willow

I echo those sentiments: Please let it be RASKIN's work. I worry about others touching it. Turtle rocks.


I will be first in line to purchase 'Leon, I Mean Noel.' I practically memorized that book when I was a kid. Thanks for the great news! I love when books aren't lost to new generations.

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