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16 January 2007


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Who? Who! Or at least which Philip Pullman series or book? Please tell...


I just finished reading that book today. It made me cry, too. And I haven't actually sobbed over a book since I was seven.


Book Thief made me cry so hard, I woke up the person sleeping next me! But so, so, so, so, good....


Noooooooooo! I'm just about 1/4 into the book now!!! Ach! Mein Gott!


Margaret, it was Lee Scoresby, from the His Dark Materials series. He dies in The Subtle Knife (in, as far as I'm concerned, the world's best death scene) and then, we lose him AGAIN (as a ghost/shade) in The Amber Spyglass. It was the WORST. Philip Pullman, stinker extraordinaire.


Yeah. He even tells you that it is coming, and I so didn't want to believe it. I tried not to get attached, but I couldn't help it. I was totally sucked in.


I've been fighting my way through the Book Thief for a good month now - I think it's the German that's making it difficult. (I speak German, so I keep being angered by the instant translations right after the german phrase or word. Please either make the reader figure out what was said through context, or don't use a foreign language at all! Arg! Although I know that it's a personal-taste thing.)

And now I don't know that I want to finish it at all.

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