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19 January 2007


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Emily H.

I have noooo problem with deploying security guards against middle schoolers, especially considering that they're not there to confront the kids; they're there so that the kids know they should watch their behavior. So that you don't get laughed at when you try to enforce the rules (which has happened to me way oftener than I'd like. Of course, I'm not really old enough to project authority very well).


We have a cop in our library in the afternoon after school gets out (we're right next to the high school). If the kids get too out of control, and you know who they are, you can just ban them from the library (but it's hard to do). We had a family of kids in our library (all of the kids bad + stupid except for one who is very bright) that we're having banned (one of them threatened a cop--a 6-2" very large cop). Our director has to write the letter though. 3-6 everyday is pure hell sometimes.


Ha. Miss Viola Swamp would be perfect.


Wow, I've never seen anything like this at my local library....then again, I tend to go in the middle of the day when school is still in session.

I totally support the security guards. Kids don't have library "rights" if they can't have responsibility, too.


I've often wondered about responsibility in these (and other) cases. Kids are absolved of their responsibility because they're so young (not historically, but that's another story). What about a society in which responsibility could be transferred, but never dissolved? The parents have authority over their kids, so what if they were also truly responsible for their actions, in the form of fines, et cetera, as if they were the ones being beastly?

All sorts of problems with that, sure, but the alternative that we have now may actually be worse, if famiiar. There's probably a short story in there somewhere trying to get out...


You're not the last person to see this. That would be me. I appreciate all the efforts by the amazing youth serving librarians out there, but most of them haven't been to the police academy! Sometimes when things get really bad, you need *threatening* security personnel.

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