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26 January 2007


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There are good points there and here all around. What bothers me the most though, is no one seems to have heard of or read the winner. So many folks are raving about so many other books and this one pops out of nowhere and wins. That is odd at best. Lots of Newberys have been "underground" books, but there's usually *some* noise about them before hand.

Meh, just my thoughts.


I was really intrigued by the differences between the Newbery winner/honors and the Printz winner/honors. This has nothing to do with the quality/literary excellence/distinguishedness of any of the books, just the way they (perhaps?) reveal contrasts between the middle & YA markets. I picture the Printz medal as this free-spirited, intelligent, self-confident teen. And the Newbery is, well, me in 6th grade. Not that there was anything wrong with me in 6th grade, but it's, well, boring by comparison.

End of comment hijack.

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