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19 January 2007


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Kelly Fineman

My almost-14 year old daughter adored this one.


Yeah, I lead my column with this one this month over at Bookslut. It blew me away - so honest, so brutally honest. I still don't know how Sara climbed inside the head of her teen character so well; it's amazing.

I'm with you - I can't wait to see what she does next.

Little Willow

So, so good. Loved it from start to finish. The family felt VERY real. I was lucky to have a happy family, but I saw people I knew growing up in those families, and I certainly knew that TOWN.

And, since I'm on this cover tirade recently, I have to say I also loved the fact that the cover matched my mental image of the character.

Jen Robinson

It's actually pretty rare for me to read one review and think "I HAVE to read this book." Usually it's more of a gradual, cumulative process, I see a few postive mentions, and then I see the book someplace, and I pick it up. But your review makes me want to go out and get this book tomorrow. Thanks!


I'm going over to the dark side (the county I live in but not where my library loyalties lie) to put this on hold - and then I might have to make our YA person order this. (I'm starting to boss him around, I think.)


I want to read this. You make it sound wonderful.

*whining*/ I wanna hear what you think about the ALA awards now!


i love this book it thought me so much

i wanna read it over and over



i havent read this book but i would like to read it it crazy because i almost have the same problem that u have i am the school slut not because i did anything rong but because they hate on me i would like to read this book and i live in harlem ny so where can i get one of the books


It is real?
New photos can be seen here

this is a really great book for any one that loves drama loves to read

HATE this book. Thought it might be interesting from the back cover. Boyy, i was terribly wrong. There is no conflict what so ever. ...Just kept waiting for things to get interesting. Never did.

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