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03 January 2007


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I think you should do one with the Latin quotations from the end of _Gaudy Night_.


Yes, if work in a quotation it will be PERFECT. Maybe the best fictional couple ever.


Are you selling these massive celebrations of nerdiness on Etsy yet?


God, no. Then I'd have to deal with sizes and stuff.


Eeeee, late to the game here but *love*! I am just today rereading the second of those new books that came out, the ones by Jill Patton Walsh? I keep having to put it down, steam furiously for a minute over the bad fanficcishness of it, then pick it back up, but I'm in the mood for some Wimsey/Vane and I've read all the books and stories so many times that this seemed like a good idea. SIGH.

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