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09 January 2007


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Kelly Fineman

I adore this one. Particularly since it's been my pet theory since book 4 that Snape is going to be the one to sacrifice himself in order to bring Voldemort down, a la Sydney Carton (what with Tale of Two Cities reportedly being one of JKR's favorite books ever).


Right? Right? He's totally going to sacrifice himself (probably saving Mr. Teen Angst), and I'm totally depressed about it, because I think he's the most interesting and complex character in the series. Le sigh.

Fuse #8

I'm with you. He's doomed and I think we still have a chance to save him. We should start a Save Snape Society (SSS?) where we barrage J.K. Rowling with requests to keep him alive in the last book. I hate that she said he'd be "redeemed" then. We all know what redemption means. It means death and if there's no Snape in the Harry Potter world then I don't want to visit there anymore. Growl.

Bonny Becker

It's so obvious that Snape is going to be a savior in some form that I'm worried it's toooo obvious. But, my take? Yah, Trust Snape! Okay, my other "spoiler" thought is that Harry is a whatca-ma-callit. One of those objects that holds a piece of Voldemort's soul. That's why he was "the boy who lived." And why he is so in touch with Voldemort. And he'll have to deal with the idea that in order to totally defeat Voldemort, he, Harry, needs to die, too.


My take is he's going to die. Even though he killed Dumbledore "by arrangement" with the man himself, you just can't do that kind of thing and get away with it. Also he is so spiteful to Harry -- nasty or evil would be ok but spiteful is the pits -- that I can't find him admirable in any respect, whatever James and Sirius turn out to have done to him in his distant past in book 7. No, I think Snape will just have to die (like the second lead in all those old Hollywood westerns and war movies), but in some ultimately heroic way -- as you say, in some way that either saves Harry or allows Harry to destroy all the horocruxes and hence Voldemort.
However, I have enormous faith in J K R's ability to stay one step ahead of us all (me, certainly).

Jen Robinson

I love it! What a great shirt. And don't you just love that people of all ages are up for this debate? I agree that he's going to end up heroic. It would be too easy for him to just be bad (and dull, too, and the Harry Potter books are very rarely dull).


Ok, so all that is why I think Snape is actually evil. JK wants you to believe that he'll turn out good or be heroic or do something redeeming. I think it's a purposeful feint and misdirection. I think he's going to turn out to be truly evil because we all want him to be good so much.

However, Jeremy agrees with you Leila. Makes for interesting dicussions at home.


Personally I think Snape is totally working for himself and good and evil doesn't even figure into it. Yupyup, he's just selfish and nothing else. That's why I like him and ope he won't die although he probably will and then I'll cry. OH! Can you imagine the horror I would experience if Neville died? Oh it's just too gruesome to think about.


Personally I think Snape is totally working for himself and good and evil doesn't even figure into it. Yupyup, he's just selfish and nothing else. That's why I like him and ope he won't die although he probably will and then I'll cry. OH! Can you imagine the horror I would experience if Neville died? Oh it's just too gruesome to think about.


I want that shirt.
Well, really, I want Snape.
Isn't that icky?
But it's true.

I don't care if he's good or bad, he's INTERESTING.


Even seven year olds on the subway think he's going to be good in the end. And if that happens, which it will, color me totally disappointed.

Can you please make me a shirt that says "Hermione dies" or anything to that effect? Green would be great. Thanks.

PS: Watch your mailbox.


If Harry turns out to be a Horcrux, I will shred my copy of book 7 and send it to JKR c/o Bloomsbury with a note about how very disappointed I am. I just cannot accept Voldemort's had the chance to make Harry into a Horcrux - and no one has yet convinced me he has had the opportunity...


Where did you get this t-shirt? I want one. Seriously, email me with the name of the store. I've been reading your blog for a month or so now. I'm a big YA fiction buff -- especially Robert Cormier, who is God Himself.


I have ALWAYS trusted Snape. He is the hero.


So, when ARE you going to start selling these shirts already?


This is my first visit to your blog...you have gained a reader because of this post;)
Trust Snape, seriously.

Brian F.

Like Agent Mulder, I WANT to believe....

Persuade me....explain what happened to Dumbledore. That's all I need.


OMG, that IS rad. Nice one! And I agree with Brian, I WANT to believe in Snape, especially when he's portrayed by Alan Rickman.


Brian, I think that Dumbledore told Snape to kill him (when they spoke briefly right before Snape finally DID kill him). I don't think he had a choice. If he hadn't killed him, then the Death Eaters would have known that he wasn't really on their side and the Good Guys wouldn't still have a double agent. Also, if he hadn't killed him (thus preventing Draco from failing, sort of), there would have been dire consequences re: the promise he made to Draco's mother. I admit that the Draco bit points more towards the Snape-is-only-working-for-himself theory, but who said you can't have more than one motive, right? That's my (somewhat incoherent -- it's early, and I haven't read the book since it came out) take on it, anyway.

Shrieky, I am TOTALLY with you on Neville. If he dies, I will lose it.


does anyone else think that Snape was in love with Lily Potter? this unrequited love is why he hates Harry (reminds him of James, who was not only a cruel kid but married Lily) but will ultimately protect him. i think his preventing Harry from performing the unforgivable curse while admonishing him for not being a better student of Occlumency is a prime example of this.

Christy / Not Hip

Dude, I'm with you. I trust Snape all the way. He's definitely doomed but ultimately trustworthy.


Oh man. I don't WANT to like Snape. I don't WANT to trust Snape. But I think he is still the good guy. I think Dumbledore saying, "Please Severus" was really "please carry out the plan we have agreed to, in which I am dead because Lord V needs to think I'm out of the picture." I mean, his pet (more like a familiar) is a phoenix who comes back from the dead, so how much of a stretch would it be that they've got something figured out? Will Snape end up dead? I think if he doesn't die, he's going to end up seriously mangled and in St. Mungo's for the rest of his life.

Re: Harry as Horcrux. I don't think he is a Horcrux, but I'm fairly well convinced that both Harry and Lord V will have to die. It just seems the only way to truly bring an end to the story. I also think the Weasly clan is going to have heavy casualties, just not sure who yet.

I used to pretend that everyone would survive and Harry would become the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, marry Ginny, and live happily every after. In this dream, Hermione and Ron also hook up. But I don't think JK is going to let us off that easy. (Besides, would we really want her to?)


Wait a minute... you mean that there are people out there that don't think he is really a good guy?
Did they read the books?
::shakes head in amazement::


ahhhh...heaven to read all this about Snape! While he may not be "innocent", I do think he did what Dumbledore ordered him to do! And, damn, he's HOT! That voice...yuM!


I'm afraid to have borrowed (and credited) the idea to be used as LJ icons. But yes - you've another reader too :)


I was shocked an appaled at how many of my friends an relatives think he's evil after the last book. I mean in a world with so much tv and movies and entertainment that everything is basically a rehash plot it seemed painfuly obvious to me that Dumbledore was begging Snape TO kill him. You know, to save the evil blonde Malfoy boy who shall not be named. I mean seriously, I couldn't believe I was the only person I know who thought this. Do we really think Dumbledore wouldn't sacrifice himself for Malfoy? I trust you snape! Dumbledore trusted you and so I trust you. Afterall what says trust more than asking someone to kill you?


You have a brand new reader if you will divulge where I can buy that shirt. Or start making them yourself...you'll make a load. :)


Awesome t-shirt! Love it and completely go along with it :-)


Where can i get this t-shirt? I want this t-shirt!!


"does anyone else think that Snape was in love with Lily Potter?"

No doubt. I think it may have also contributed to James not liking Snape.

I really think that Snape is going to turn out good in the end- though I think it would be great to not have that happen either. Rowling has done a lot to paint him as evil in interviews and what not- I don't think she's totally focused on the redemption bit. I think she's done a pretty good job of trying to play both sides and keep people guessing.


Oh please, please, please tell me where you got that shirt! If you made it, will you make more? (please please please!!!!)

I think Snape will turn out all right in the next book, but I like telling everybody that he's going to kill Harry after Harry kills Voldemart. They get the cutest faces while they say "Wha--?"


I'm with you!


Some of you are jumping to conclusions far too readily, IMHO. I'd rather wait and see. But if you do want to speculate, it's as simple as realising that J.K. Rowling simply cannot promote judging people by their covers - since Snape appears evil, making him turn out evil would promote that. What kind of children's book would do that? ..and Harry Potter was initially aimed at children, recall.

simply look at the all of the books. Knowing that JK is a good author, and knowing that good authors tend to throw twists and turns into their books, I would think that JK would do exactly the opposite of what most people think, and most people think that snape will be evil, right? I mean, after all the times him being evil... no he's good. wait, he's evil- nope, good. evil good evil good evil....
see... I know what I'm saying, I just can't put it into words. all I can say is that I want that shirt.

SNAPE IS LOYAL!!!! I will gladly argue to anyone who thinks differently. And on page 687 of HPATDH Dumbledore says "After all this time?" and Snape says "Always." MUHAHAHA!! I got the facts!!!And so does any body who has the book! So ha!
Anyways, your shirt is the best shirt in the word and I'm DYING to know where you got it.

Sarah C.

Are you able to buy these shirts?


If you were to make these shirts available for purchase, I gaurantee you'd make a ton. I really, really, really want one.


They're occasionally available at my Etsy shop.

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