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19 January 2007


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Little Willow

That is the coolest T-shirt to come about since Kermit the Gorf.

Little Willow

P.S. Where or where may one acquire said T-shirt?


Thanks, LW. I made it. But it was WICKED easy -- just mega low-tech stenciling.


Miss Leila, I would pay good money for one of these shirts. I would even arm-wrestle Little Willow for it. Have you considered marketing your wicked-easy stenciling prowess?

Little Willow

I'm not very good at arm-wrestling, but I will be posting about 128973276 words about The Westing Game this weekend, if y'all remind me. I'm SO excited that the recent news has made more bloggers talk about their love for this novel, because I have always, always treasured it.


Love the book and the t-shirt!


Did a cargo ship full of green t-shirts crash into the side of your house?


I'm just saying.

PS: This is my umpteenth winter with the hat and not a day goes by that I don't get a compliment. Yesterday it was a guy selling hats!

PPS: Eat it, TypePad! I'm so not a spam robot!!!

Lady S

I love this one! Although i think I said that about your last 2. But this one, this one I could wear and no one else would get it. I love it!!

i want that shirt


I. Want. This. Shirt.

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I like the shirt. Love it!



OMG my class just finished reading this book. I love this shirt so much!!!!


Where do I get this AMAZING shirt? I want to wear it for my book report that I'm doing on the Westing Game!

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