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26 January 2007


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This is the firts shirt I didn't get.


Obligatory "when can I buy one?" question. Yawn.


Lodigs, I'm getting there. As we speak, a very large shipment of fabric dye is on its way here.

web, I'm of the opinion that Carson Drew (Nancy Drew's dad) is fully capable of flirting with his own daughter. ICK. And I'm totally not the only one.


Great! Can't wait! And... YUCK! Did the calendar arrive?


It did, and it's AWESOME and it's hanging up in our apartment as we speak. (But first I had to show it off at work so that everyone would be jealous.)


Wonderful, as always!

Speaking of calendars and Nancy Drew, I'm sad that they didn't have a 2007 Nancy Drew 12-month calendar. This is the first year in several that I haven't been able to get one. My kitchen still thinks it's December and wonders when Nancy's going to solve the last case already.


So when is the next Nancy Drew review???

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