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23 February 2007


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Oh, I LOVE the Armitage stories. I have a cherished copy of "Armitage, Armitage, Fly Away Home" which was one of my favorite reads. Between that and "The Wolves of Willoughby Chase", Joan Aiken loomed large in my childhood literary life.

Nixie Knox

I love Joan Aiken - her short story collections are terrific and I am always pushing "The Wolves of Willoughby Chase" in my library. Such an amazing book!

ali foster

I've just been having an argument with my son. He denies that there is a Joan Aiken story about Harriet and Mark and a perfect birthday present. I say it is "Harriet's birthday present" but he says that story is the same as "Harriet's hairloom". Can anyone clarify? Thank you.

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