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21 February 2007


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His answers to the advices questions amused me more than I was bothered by any pending sequel.


You're not alone in your crabbiness. I just read through to see his answer (not in much detail), but I'm generally a fan of letting go of good ideas once they have been completed. I finished Garth Nix's Abhorson trilogy, and while I enjoyed the entire series, I never felt quite right about leaving Sabriel's story behind. His Dark Materials is already a trilogy; it doesn't need anything more, unless it's a completely different story.

Sarah I.

I'm confused as to how you can make a sequal to a series. Isn't that just a continuation of the series? And what the heck is there left to talk about. Is he going to bring Lee Scoresby back to life, just so he can kill him off AGAIN?! Aaahhhhh...!

And now I want to read the series again. Dang. The punishment cometh.


I trust Philip waaaay too much to worry about the sequel. I remember reading the Sally Lockhart books over and over again as a kid, and he did a later "sequel" to those as well, but they barely mentioned Sally. It was a good one-off tale, which I think is what he intended. Also, since it's been referred to as The Book of Dust, it sounds like it will have less to do with Lyra and more to do with the worlds she lived in, which seems like a decent route to go with a follow-up.


He's always said it will be a "trilogy of trilogies"

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