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16 February 2007


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I love reading your comments. And your comments about Anatomy of a Boyfriend seem so wise. :) To be honest, though, I would have a personal cringe-fest to find my neice/daughter/young friend reading this book. E-gads. But based on what you've written, in my judgment it would be better for a teenager to read this than a steamy romance -- less pornographic. Oh, how I want to protect my niece from the dangers and pitfalls of sex. Not easy to do.


Oh, I totally get that -- I can think of some young patrons who would cause that reaction in me, too. (Some of them actually check in with me first, to ask if there is any IT in the book. That's exactly how the question is phrased: "Leila, is there any IT in this book?" It never fails to crack me up.)

Anyway, I do personally think that forewarned is forearmed, and the more info kids have about All That Stuff, the better they'll be able to avoid the pitfalls, blahdiblah, etc. But I do get the cringing. (I'm a big baby -- whenever I read a grown-up book with steamy sex scenes, I practically avert my eyes!) I tend to let teens find books like this on their own, rather than recommend them directly (unless they're looking for something very specifically like it, of course).

Anyhoo. I did go on quite a bit there, didn't I?


I'm glad you read/reviewed Anatomy--I heard an excerpt of the book on the author's website and wasn't really sure how I felt about the protaganist, but because it was only an excerpt I couldn't pinpoint WHY (though there were parts I really enjoyed and thought were clever). I think a lot of the things you pointed out fell in line with my reservations. Despite this, I'm still kinda tempted to pick it up.


i just finished reading this book yesterday, and i read it in about 2-3 days. i love this book! i thought it was so detailed and at the end where she was throwing up and stuff, it made me so upset that i wanted to cry. =[ i loved this book and i hope to read more like it!! :)

Adam S.

Bah! Bah I say! No more reviews until you review the Dairy Queen sequel. You do that and I'll get around to reading that Ocatvius Something-or-another book.


But Adam, everyone (Okay, mostly Chrissy, but she's really scary!) always yells at me when I review books months before the pub date!

Adam S.

I really can't wait. You have to let me know if it's any good.


i loved this book so much that at the end i cried.....i just couldn't figure out why they couldn't be together forever,and it reminds me of just how crummy boys are (some parts of it were funny),some were sad and some parts i really didn't understand(like the part where they broke up) b.t.w. i read this book in one and a half days and read it again the next day ( i was that hooked)

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