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16 February 2007


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I had no idea a movie version of The Dark is Rising was in the works -- that series is one of my absolute favorites. Hopefully the Americanization of the Stantons won't be too jarring.


I do have a problem with Americanizing this. The Arthurian legends are, after all, kind of British. Arthur being the King of England and all.

Oh, well, one can always go back and read the book again.

Gregory Smith is in it. That's points on the plus side, too!


Wait...they're Americanizing it? What? American Stantons in England? Or set in America? Wrong, either way.
But...Christopher Eccleston. If the Dark Rider couldn't be Ewan McGregor I'll take Christopher Eccleston. Yup, it's time to watch "Jude" again. Swoon indeed.

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