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02 February 2007


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Seems to me like Huck Finn would be a good chance to talk about the racial issues that are causing so much trouble, rather than yanking it from the lineup to avoid stirring the pot.


And what's with this pretending the past didn't happen? This must be about the third book challenge I've seen where the book in question is a historical novel which helps demonstrate what the past was like, i.e. not all chirpy and happy - for example, the term nigger was widely used. And thanks to the quote you highlighted, in this classroom maybe they could talk about how things haven't changed too much!


Ditto on both comments above. 1) Seems to me like this is exactly the type of student community that needs to have issues of racism more openly discussed and 2) if Lewis' daughter's opinion is so different than her possibly racist classmates, she needs to be encouraged to stay in the classroom and bring up her opposing viewpoint. Bleck. As a native Minnesotan, I'm a bit apalled, though not actually surprised given the state of affairs in American society in general.

P.S. I've been lurking for a while--can't remember how I first stumbled across your blog. I like your taste in books!

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