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06 March 2007


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I also became completely fascinated after reading this book. There are 2 somewhat popular nonfiction books out there: "The Man Who Tasted Shapes" not so interesting as it's written by a doctor and "Blue Cats and Chartreuse Kittens" which is actually written by a synesthete and is very cool, the author includes how she sees the alphabet, the letter's colors and textures.


Hi there!

I too read A Mango-Shaped Space. An amazing book.
I also have synesthesia. And now for the shameful plugging for my blog, Sane Sensations: A Synesthestic Memoir. If you are interested in learning more about synesthesia, you may check out the blog. Feel free to ask questions, too!



A middle school student told me about this book a few years ago-- she kept insisting we NEEDED to have it in the library, and darned if she wasnt right. It was popular when we had it for the middle school book club last year, too.

I especially liked the bond she feels with the boy in the grocery store, and her feeling about Mango. And her little brother is a great character!

Little Willow

Love this book! So grand. So SAD. (THE BROCCOLI TAPES got me for similar reasons...)

Love Wendy's novels! Have you read Leap Day or Jeremy Fink yet?

My favorite unexpected moment during our interview was my mentioning that Ricky Nelson's son had a band called H is Orange, due to synesthesia, and Wendy responding that she had met him once. The world is SMALL.

Jen Robinson

i just read a book a couple of months ago about synesthesia. It's called The Fallen, by T. Jefferson Parker. It's an adult mystery about a cop who develops synesthesia after being thrown from a building. He can tell by the colors of people's voices whether they are lying to him or not (handy for a cop, that). I think it was pretty good. Definitely an interesting idea. I'll have to check out this book.

katherine age 11

Mango shaped space was an awsome book I never new about synthanesa(is that spelled right?)before. it is such an interesting topic which i am intrested in learning more about. Wendy Mass is such a great author and really realates to life with such deep meaning in her books

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