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29 March 2007


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Why are you telling me about this when I can't read it until MAY? That's just mean. Love the letter.


So she didn't read Northanger Abbey twice? But that was the best one!

Also, I am so reading this.


I want this book! I can't believe I have to wait until May...


I so want to read this. Guess I'll just have to be patient for a few months.


Ugh. I've been counting down the days for this book anyway. Now it will be unbearable. Great review, even if you are evil for torturing us with it so early.


Wowza. You gals are harsh.

But I'd probably be saying the same thing if I hadn't already read it.

*skips away, tra la la*


mean mean mean.

Remind me again about this in May.



I don't know, Leila. Maybe it's that other blog I like so much, but I think you should have to do a punishment for torturing your book audience so much. I think it involves reading that book in the bathtub while attempting to eat pizza and ice cream. Specifically taco pizza. And making a video. Come on! MAKE VIDEOS!!


i'm glad, for shannon hale's sake, that people are liking this book, although i was super disappointed in it.


Aw, sad, Jenn. Being disappointed by an author you enjoy (assuming that you were already a Hale fan) is the WORST.

It was such a breezy little comfort-type read for me. I was pretty sure I knew how it would all work out at the end, and when it did, it just felt... cozy.

So there you have it, folks. One vote for, one against. Tiebreaker needed. Anyone else managed to snag an ARC?


1. You are a cruel to taunt us with this since it doesn't come out for weeks and weeks.

2. Why the heck do I keep tripping over Austen everywhere?


Someday, I will own the DVD set of Pride and Prejudice.

Shannon Hale

Dear Leila,
Someone just forwarded your link to me, and I am breathing a huge sigh of relief and going for the box of organic mint Oreos (no trans fats). Not that I needed the excuse of your blog to go for the cookies (I'm a nursing mama, and I've given fair warning that I'm eating anything within my safety circle sans the baby, thank you), but I did need it for the sigh of relief. Why haven't we ever met? Or had nachos? Seems like we should have nachos.


Shannon, I'm always up for nachos. Totally let me know if you're ever in Maine.

Little Willow

It's totally cute, and it's totally going to sell well AND be read and shared. Cute book group pick.

Sherry Early

I've added a link to your review at my blog's Saturday Review of Books because I want to hang on to it and come back and remind myself when the book actually comes out. Thanks for the preview.


I am a Shannon Hale fan so I'm glad to read good things about her grown-up book. I saw her at a book festival and she is funny as well as talented. Another reason to look forward to May.

Kelly Fineman

So I totally forgot that you reviewed the ARC, and that, therefore, I couldn't get this book yet. Cruel, cruel Leila.

Kelly Fineman

Finally snagged the actual book. And love-love-loved it. See?


is this only sold as a hardcover ???

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