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13 March 2007


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Kelly Fineman

Sounds fantabulous -- I will keep an eye out for it!


I think this one is going to be a hit for all of the reasons you mentioned, but mostly Flora and the house. I wandered away from it a few times though - I think it might be too much for one book, if that makes any sense. That's not a strong criticism, just one that nagged at me a bit as I was reading. I was also a bit frustrated about the other Flora and I hope that loose end is tied up in the sequel. (I mean really - are they looking for her or what?)

I have this in a piece for Eclectica this summer on - get this - "Books Focused on Big Old Mysterious Houses". I've got four new books in the piece, (and one more on the way) can you believe it?


It does make sense -- it sounds like an oxymoron, but it was a meandering page-turner.


Just from your snippets, it looks like the names could be a bit much - my private rule is that if I have to stop and work out the pronunciation through the entire first chapter, the book isn't worth it. Do they get less distracting?

literary safari

I absolutely loved this book. Couldn't put it down, and am eagerly awaiting the next installment. I meet Ysabeau Wilce soon after the book came out and was intrigued to learn that herbased the world of Califa on a real city in which she used to live and that she drew maps for every part of this world she created.

In response to the question about the names being a bit too much .... they definitely did not get in the way of my reading - I've had more trouble with other fantasy titles, most certainly. There aren't that many characters to keep track of.

Poker Gratis

Opinião estonteneante neste sítio, textos assim dignificam aos que visitar neste espaço .....
Faz muito mais deste sítio, a todos os teus visitantes.

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