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26 March 2007


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Perhaps the student could have chosen one of the other 399 authors? Though given that they are researching the lives of adults, it stands to reason that sex and relationships might come up at some point, in or out of the author's writing.


And WHY isn't it enough to just pick another author? Almost 400 of them - and I bet one is Jane Austen. Nothing explicit there. Don't get me wrong, I love Jane Austen. And I don't really like Henry Miller. Yeah, if they *forced* me to read Tropic of Cancer at 17, I might have complained. But there's no forcing! Just pick somebody else.

I know, I know, ground we've all been over and over. But I still don't get it.


I also have to wonder, how close to the assignment's deadline was the student when the complaint was made? You read the wikipeadia article on Henry Miller, and it's quite obvious after about 10 seconds that there will be sexual content in his work, he was rather known for controversy.

I'm being kind of extra snarky on this one. There were options. There's no need to rework the entire assignment over this.


Re: Austen -- I think the list only includes American authors, actually. But the point is valid, regardless. There's plenty of American literature that is not sexually explicit.

And now two teachers are going to take time out of their schedules to double-check the list of 400 authors to be sure that none of them wrote anything that could be considered offensive? Huck Finn is currently being challenged in MN, so they might as well cross Mark Twain off the list, too.

Anyway. One person's complaint results in nobody being able to study a specific author for an independant study. Seems like a crappy precedent to set. (I feel like I've said that before, somehow...)


All I know is that I learned much I needed to know and couldn't find out about sex from Henry Miller. I will always be grateful. A family I babysat for in highschool had all his books right there on the shelf!


Geez. When I was 15 I sought this book out specifically for the sex. Kids today!


How do you get to be 17 and *not* know Henry Miller is really sexual?

Furthermore, what sort of seventeen year old discovers a book with sex and hands it over to her parents? Let's revoke her teenager badge.


Heck she's 17! What problems does she have with sexual content? Do I get a teenager badge? I want!

Michael Lenke

Ihr Amerikaner habt vielleicht Sorgen!?
Henry Miller is considered as a most famous american poet like Mark Twain or Melville here in Germany. I personally do not understand the moral ado about nothing what some americans have! (Keeping in mind what Hollywood produces every day!!)

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