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28 March 2007


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Brian F.

Have you seen the full, wrap-around version of the cover. THAT'S discussion worthy.


This, you mean? Yep.

I admit to spending way, way, way too much time moving the little magnifier around. Simple minds...

Brian F.

Does it kind of look to you like they're not, you know, fighting? Like they're working together?


You're totally right.

I can't believe that didn't occur to me.

You know, I really had thought I wasn't curious about How It Will All End (assuming Neville lives, I mean), but now...

What if Voldemort is A Good Man, Simply Misunderstood? Or, even better, what if Harry Goes Bad???

[Edit: my coworker just say that she thinks it looks like Voldemort is trying to do something and Harry is trying to prevent it -- which works, too. Dammit.]


I'd prefer to agree with your coworker. Where ARE they? There don't seem to be as many tiny details as usual.


And what on earth is going on in that middle cover? Exploding gold and jewels? Swordfighting?


Yeah, I usually like the British covers, but this one just looks silly. I like the British grown-up cover, though.

I dunno -- HP goes to Rome?


Yah the British cover looks pretty lame

Brian F.

But if Harry was trying to stop him, wouldn't they be facing off?

It's just weird.


But one has his hand up while the other has his hand down. I can definitely see it both ways.

Faithful Reader from Canada

Which is the cover that we'll get in Canada?


I think that you guys get the British cover, but I could be wrong.

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