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12 March 2007


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Liz B

Sadly, it's more books I wish I could have put down but didn't because I felt that in order to truly comment negatively, I had to read the whole darn thing.

So books I read and ended up thinking, wow, I'll never get that time back: This is All by Aidan Chambers; and The Loud Silence of Francine Green by Karen Cushman.


I went so far as to ILL This is All -- but then I accidently read a MAJOR spoiler and never read it.

I really liked Francine, but I think I liked it more in retrospect than I did while I was actually reading it. I'll have to read it again to see how I feel.


For me, it would have to be Octavian Nothing. It is not that I actually put the book down. Well, I'll amend my amendment. I put the book down twice before finally picking it up the third time in a period of eight or nine weeks. The third time I was able to manage it, but it is without a doubt the most boring book with the word "astonishing" in the title.


So funny! Octavian was unputdownable for me. (Though I can definitely understand how it wouldn't be a hit for everyone.)

I thought of another one. I am a huge, huge loser, and I can't believe I'm admitting this, but I've never made it through Heart of Darkness.


Tantalize by Cynthia Leitich Smith. The book is absurdly awful. There are only two ways to write books with vampires and werewolves in them. 1.) Make the creatures horrific and terrifying. 2.) Make the creatures sexy and appealing. You never make them awkward, balding, and/or sport a unibrow. That's just wrong. But if you can get past that... well... the rest is still horrible. Run, do not walk, from this book.


Hmmmmmm, Shadowmancer and Mira, Mirror oh and Boston Jane. I have never read anything more stupid in my life.


I had to put Octavian Nothing down, but that is mainly because I am a media wimp. The whipping scene gave me the jibblies. Corollary: I also couldn't get through The Slave Dancer and Yellow Star. I think the depiction of real-life evil just makes me a little too sick inside.

Yeah, yeah, yeah -- they're good books. I'm just a weenie.

As for This is All: the first part of the book was just dandy. It's the next jillion pages that follow with the problem. I found it more than a little disturbing to read the story of a smart girl who drops out of school to shack up with her boyfriend in a backyard trailer, gets immediately pregnant, and the only adult in the book who objects to the arrangement (Will's mother) is demonized.


Several people feel so strongly about this book that they have convinced me to give it another try, but I confess I couldn't finish The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane.


Sonja-- me neither! I couldn't stand Edward and couldn't stand the sense that he was about to get his comeuppance in a very sad or scary way. A parent at my school was just raving about the book to me and when I admitted I hadn't read it she said, "Well, if you ever want a really good cry..."

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