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08 March 2007


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This was my very favorite Nancy Drew when I was growing up - maybe because it was the first one I read? Anyway, I thought Nancy was brilliant in uncovering her name-a-like. (Maybe because I was 8?) For weeks after I read it I kept hoping I would get a letter from my name-a-like, but I never did. (However the miracle of google tells me that there is someone with my name teaching primary school in New Hampshire! How come, growing up, I never got a mysterious letter for her???)


I never understood why the mailman didn't take the bag inside with him. i mean. why leave it outside. thta doesn't seem safe. of course, I was young when I read it, so maybe I didn't pay attention to his reasoning. Or maybe I just skipped pages on accident. But i don't think so.


Thank goodness - another Nancy Drew review. It has been way too long between them! Great review as always.

Who wrote this one: Walter Karig wrote the manuscript based upon an outline by Edna Squier. Harriet S. Adams edited. This is the first one that Karig wrote. He also wrote #9 and #10. So a guy wrote it... maybe that's why it has so much football!

Original publication: 1932.


I love the squirrel bit. It is beautiful.


Have you seen the Nancy Drew address book? It uses lots of those cute old cover pictures.


Love this review!

I'm inspired to start Trixie Belden reviews someday soon.

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love this book it is awesome i would give ita 5 star !!! lol


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