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27 March 2007


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I really don't want to read that, but I might have to just so I can join in the wailing and gnashing of teeth.


Grrr. And it's Heyday working on it, which means Half Magic (which David Heyman bought the rights to years ago) is even further off. I really hoped once the Harry Potters were all done he would get on that, but apparently not. Bah. Maybe he's just waiting for me and my adaptation to be done? :)


Gah. Just, gah.

And also--wouldn't a movie kind of blow the whole point of Bruno's disingenuousness? I mean, it's all very well (well, not, but you know) to mask the real situation with an extremely dopey close-in-third-POV hero who's all "Fury" and "Out-With" etc., but with a film you kind of have to show more of what's really (if INACCURATELY) up.

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