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29 March 2007


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Wow, thanks for this - I'm going right out to order both books, Cures for Heartbreak and Murray's Cheese Handbook. Just thinking about all the cheeses I haven't eaten yet...good Lord, what if I get struck by a truck tomorrow??

Seriously, great interview!


I am reminded every step of this blog tour how much Margo and I have in common - I grew up watching Gidget reruns as well. It is absolutely one of my all time favorite shows.

I have also read My Kitchen Wars and enjoyed it immensely and have a book on Edward Gorey's house.

If I lived in Brooklyn I'd think Margo and I were some sort of twins.

(I need to find that cheese book though!)


I've never seen the Gidget show, but that clip was ADORABLE. Now I want to see it.

And that cheese book will be mine (oh, yes...). When I was looking for Burrata pictures, I had to stop and wipe drool off of my keyboard.


Gidget is great - it's not some big earth shattering drama, it's just a happy show that will make you laugh. I grew up on the beach and in the water so I really identified with the whole beachy part of it. But mostly I wanted to be Sally Field's friend. Gidget is really one of the most endearing characters in tv history.

Margo Rabb

Leila, thanks so much for hosting me today--I love the photos! You must try the Burrata...it's so good. You have to share it with a bunch of people though, since it's way too much for even two people to finish, and it only stays fresh for 24 hrs (according to the cheese book.)

Paula, I hope you like CURES! And Colleen...i think we were separated at birth.

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