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10 March 2007


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Oh, good grief. Chalk up another one to ignorance and dopiness.

But don't you love the idea of kids madly forging permission slips so they can read "Imani All Mine"? Reminds me of the story my partner tells about her HS English teacher, who told them all sternly that the school board had determined a portion of The Canterbury Tales (The Wife of Bath's Tale, maybe) to be unfit for students due to licentious content, and then greeted them the next day with "So, how did you like the Wife of Bath's Tale"? Of course they'd all read it.


so, how exactly are they going to prevent a student with a permission slip from slipping the book to her friend who doesn't have one? follow them around all day? spot checks? "show me that you still have the book or be expelled!" maybe they make them read it in the library where they can be kept under observation at all times. did the school dream up this inane policy because they wanted something that would placate the complainer but wouldn't actually, you know, WORK?


I'm sure this is an extremely efficient way to deal with "bad" books *cough,cough*. My grade eight teacher had a huge bookcase in her classroom and whenever she got new books she had me read them to screen them so that she wouldn't get into any trouble. Although personally I don't think enough of my classmates read books at all for it to be an issue. I was a rarity, seriously, people thought (and still do) that I was a psycho. Yeesh.

Jen Robinson

I personally love the idea of a kid wanting to read a book so badly that she would forge a permission slip. That's excellent!

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