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10 April 2007


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Mmm, I really liked it, but then again, I've never read Evil Genius, and don't want to because I don't like readng them if they're shaped strangely (it's smaller, so that may be why it has more pages), and I'm not used to holding 'em. xD


please can i have a copy of your seconnd hive book


I read evil genius but in the areas that it shared similaritys it made up for in a different plot. I love each book seperatly and I personally found a preference for H.I.V.E .


What are the rest of the HIVE books??


I think HIVE is pretty good. There are three books so far: HIVE, The Overlord Protocol and Escape Velocity. I also read Evil Genius and Genius Squad, but I prefer HIVE because of its lightness. Catherine Jinks goes very deep in those books.

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