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05 April 2007


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Look at it this way, if the model wasn't thirteen years old then it makes sense to cut off half her head. How many thirteen year olds do you know with wrinkles?


That cover is great, but the Missing Head look is so overdone, you're right. My only problem is I can't stand seeing the model's faces either and I'm afraid that leaves me with nothing but stick people and feet and feet have already had their day. & Props to you for actually getting through the book if parts were that cringeworthy. I have the worst time suffering through fictional embarrassment, gah. Of course I might suffer through it for a cross of Judy Blume AND Louise Rennison?! Because that's a cross that sounds made of fabulous to me.


HAH! You know how people say they find the 'courage' to read books like Speak, where you know it's about something painful? I have to find the courage to read cringe-worthy books... It's weird, but our culture is all geared to shows like The Office, and that type of thing - and they're hilarious, but after awhile, I Just. Can't. Look.

An adolescence spent cringing comes back to haunt me, I guess. The cover IS cool, though, half-head or no.

Little Willow

This book is very fun.

Adam S.

Half-head? What about blurry pictures of gardens and people? That one really gets me. Or cows wearing tiaras...


how come no one has pointed out her undies yet. you can see her undies! this girl clearly needs to practice holding a dime between her knees. (i am gripping 3.72 in pennies between my knees as we speak.)


I think she's wearing shorts, no?

Very unladylike pose, though.

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