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27 April 2007


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Brian F.

I'm getting mixed messages. Doesn't Atheism cause hairy palms? Or is that Harry Potter?

You can see why I'm confused. I'd glad Kirk is here to guide me.


Well THAT'S a relief...


Oh. Wow. And that Growing Pains blip is going to give me nightmares too, thanks so much.
Oy. The Eighties have so much for which to answer...

Adam S.

The same Kirk Cameron who starred in those Left Behind movies? Yeah, that was a good career choice...

Andrew Karre

Now the Growing Pains theme has replaced Hank Green's Helen Hunt song in my head. Great . . .

It's funny to think that Kirk Cameron and Leonardo DiCaprio both got their starts on that show. I wonder if they still talk. (Well, no I don't, but it's funny to imagine.)


What an idiot. Isn't kind of a big thing with God in this book called The Bible that you're not supposed to ask for proof or try to prove anything, that it's all about faith? Way to negate his own argument. I hated his character on Growing Pains and I'm not much fonder of him himself now. I much preferred Carol's snarky (well, as snarky as one could be on GP) boyfriend, Sandy, played by Matthew Perry. I bawled when they killed him off.


Come on! He founded an online Bible college! That alone should be enough for people not to take him seriously.

If you really want to see a crazy D-list celebrity born-again, take a look at what Stephen Baldwin has become. Cree-py.

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