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27 April 2007


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Kudzu tendrils coil.
Spyware entwines your secrets.
Oh, if only we had known.


I rounded you up for Friday Poetry at a wrung sponge.


LOL, Leila. That's exactly how I feel about staff meetings too. Here's mine titled, Information Desk:

Restrooms are that way.
Copiers are behind you.
Thanks, college degree.


Sorry, I'm just a random lurker but I feel your pain. I work in academic admin so this is my life:

Beautiful spreadsheet
Perfect and pristine and right.
Shit. Computers crashed.


Oops ... missed my apostrophe.


KAS, I'll have to show yours to our AA -- she'll appreciate it. And MR, YES. (And I'm so glad you feel the same way about staff meetings.)

Brian F.

"No one buys my book!"
The author's lament: my fault.
Sad publicist, I.


I didn't go to school-
Two years of M.L.I.S.
To answer the phone.


It's depressing to know that meetings happen everywhere. I thought it was just my life. The problem is...someone must like them. Otherwise, why would they happen? Especially in the days of e-mail and wikis and the like.

The fork is good, MR. I always imagine sticking pins beneath my finger nails.


I mean the fork is good, Leila. (MR I like yours too, which is why I got all confused here.)



let's all drive downtown
for a staff meeting about
"greening" our buildings

I had to do that last week. Still a little bitter, if you can't tell. Have you seen the small book "Office Haiku"? It's AWESOME.


Bubble-wrap, foam-packs:
I wish bookselling produced
less waste. It feels wrong.


Stop, start, stop again--
We thousands sit in our cars.
"Reverse commute?" Hah!

Emily H.

Empty shelves, boxed books,
No computers, stop knocking:
Yes, we are still closed.

Emily H.

"You'll have more shelf space."
We shifted reference thrice.
Lies, lies, and back pain.

Douglas Rees

Foul stinking fetor
from upturned graves of traitors
Big Dick Cheney rules!


Compulsive liar,
I will not be your lackey --
or department chair.

Carlo Q

Guess the Industry: A Haiku Epic Screed

Idiotic tasks
Implementing lunacy
Daily burn my ass.

Though I am well paid,
The commerce I serve need not
Side with the angels.

The second degree
Criss-crossed weals on my hind end
Thanks to thankless tasks

Remind me my trade's
A necessary evil
Coldly weighing loss.

Know my example.
And seek different pathways
Through trade and commerce.

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