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17 April 2007


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Hmmm...I don't usually like fantasy but I'm tempted to try this one. Very intriguing set up. Still, the Fantasy Description makes me a little nervous. I guess I could just order it from the library and see, couldn't I? (What I do with most books anyway! I love my library.)


Oh my god, "a snow cat traversing thin ice" is such a perfect way to sum up Fantasy Description. Not just ANY old cat, noooooo. A Snow Cat! Heh. I love combat training in secret plots too, but I never seem to read anything with them. I need to branch out.


The sequel's very good. I read it in an ARC I got at BookExpo last year (rubbing it in a little for all the cool ones you get. ;-)). Unfortunately, the third book in the series has been pushed back until next March.
Magic Study is more fantasy than Poison Study. But Yelena's relationships were fun to explore.

Maria V. Snyder

Thanks for the review! LOL - Fantasy Description - guess the snow cat was a little thick :) I wonder what others are lurking - all I can say is I'm a new author - I hope I'll get all those out with the first few books - no promises though :)

I'm not that happy about the wait for Fire Study :( - it's the publisher's decision. In the meantime, I have an online story about Valek titled Assassin Study here: www.eharlequin.com/article.html?articleId=1257

And I'm hoping to do another this summer through my website or email newsletter - you can sign up for the newsletter here: www.mariavsnyder.com/news.php if interested.

Again - Thanks for the review :)
Maria V.

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