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25 April 2007


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I can't believe we share 3 of the same answers, Leila--art, music, and one of the reading ones. I't a beautiful meme, however unscientific :)


Yeah, I had a lot of fun with it -- and I was surprised that most of my choices fell into the low percentage bracket.


Many of mine did, too. Except for the landscape one. Yours is the first one that I've seen that wasn't the green with the ocean in the background. I've been trying to figure what's up with that.... You're pretty book heavy on your choices. Wonder why? *grin*


I'm impressed with how honest you were about the bedroom choice. I had to go with the close up on the bed sheets and bed, allowing one to assume that the rest of the bedroom was normal instead of an explosion of clothes and junk.


MR, I wavered. I really thought about going with the one that I'd like my bedroom to resemble.

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