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20 April 2007


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Kelly Fineman

Dear library:

Please take the lesbian book off your shelves. Because of this book, both of my boys are now blind and have hairy palms, to say nothing of their severe sleep deprivation after spending many nights perusing its pages. Which are now a bit sticky. There is no need for a public library to have such a book. That is why God invented the Victoria's Secret catalogue.

A concerned parent


"Which are now a bit sticky."

Dear Library

This is obviously a ruse to avoid replacement costs for a damaged book. Don't
let Mr. Adams get away without paying.

A concerned patron

Jen Robinson

I wonder if the guy sent his kids to the library in search of a book like that, as a solution to his bankruptcy problem.

Andrew Karre

Man, those poor kids. I'm thinking school is a bit awkward right now for the Adams boys.


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