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06 April 2007


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Welcome. Are you in love with Seth?


You know me well. He's adorable. I love Luke, too. (Once he turned into a big dork, I mean.) And Peter Gallagher is a GREAT tv dad.

And oddly, I found myself rooting for Seth and Summer, even though you'd think that I'd like Anna more. But she was just... too perfect or something.

I just started watching the second season, and MAN. That girl at the club? Who's supposed to be 17? Totally AT LEAST 35.

Also, I realize I'm the millionth person to ask this, but how the hell did Mischa Barton get cast? What happened? She was so good in Lawn Dogs. Or, at least, I remember her being good.

I'm such a loser. I always jump on the bandwagon three years too late.


ME TOO! I mocked that show for years until my friends finally convinced me to try it this season. I started S1 just after the cancellation was announced, so I managed to watch through S3, read the recaps on TWoP, and then watch the last four episodes as they aired. Sandy is the best TV dad in the history of television, Seth grew on me, and I love Summer, but it's Ryan Atwood who really claims my heart on the OC. Welcome to the dark side. We have cookies.


Ryan has my heart, too. The first season is far and away the best, unfortunately, but they're all good. Mischa Barton is the worst working actress in the history of the world, but that just adds to the show for me. And I LOVE the grainy film they use to show that someone is "in Chino." Kills me.


And the music is good! And I like that Ryan looks like a regular person, not like a movie star! And the writing is actually good*! Like when Anna mentions loving Some Kind of Wonderful -- of COURSE she'd love Some Kind of Wonderful!

*Mostly. The Marissa-scream was one of the most cringe-inducing things I've ever seen in my entire life.


YES. Grainy Cam was a RIOT.

I've been playing Judi's 90210 game, too, where I predict what will happen/the next line just before it happens. So much fun.


I read somewhere (or it may have been on the DVD special features) that McG or whatever his name is wanted to cast someone "achingly beautiful" for Marissa, and she was the only one who fit the bill. No mention of her acting...

It's funny though, I actually think Summer is the prettier one in the first season. But then she lost 30 pounds and developed big head disease.

Jen Robinson

I watched it, too. Except for the last season - I was burned out on it by then. But I loved the first season. My heart belongs to Ryan, too, no question. Summer grew on me over the course of the series ... I was baffled by her at first.

I have such a weakness for these sorts of shows. It's all about story, isn't it?


You're right: Mischa Barton was great in Lawn Dogs! I like to imagine that The OC is just where Dave Rygalski (ahem, I mean "Seth") went to college after he left Lane and Stars Hollow on the Gilmore Girls. Sigh.


i watched the first and last seasons of the OC. it got all melodramatic and angsty in the middle, but once That Thing That Happens That Is A Spoiler But You Have Probably Heard It Unless You Live Under A Rock And Don't Read Trashy Magazines At The Hairdresser happens, it went all ridiculous and surreal and funny for the final season, which I thorougly appreciated.

Do you watch Veronica Mars? It's the thinking woman's OC.


I'm with lili--Veronica Mars is great!

I've resisted the OC so far, but between your recommendation and Ira Glass's a couple of weeks ago (he admitted on "This American Life" that he and his wife watch every week and SING ALONG with the theme song, and that he cried when it went off the air) it may be next on our DVD-renting list.


Oh, I love VM, too -- but I haven't seen any of the third season yet! I just watch the first two over and over again while waiting for the DVDs to be released.


i'm watching the third season of VM at the moment - i'm enjoying it much more than i did the second. the second, i thought, was disappointing.

but the downside of the third is that there is less logan-y goodness. but ALMOST makes up for that with piz, who was Jonathan on Life as we Know It (look! a YA lit reference! hurrah!)

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