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26 April 2007


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I thought you might be interest in the New Notions 5 reading challenge thanks for the recommendation.


Mostly online, mostly bloggers whose taste I've agreed with in the past. And I get the Horn Book passed around to me at work, which always results in a flurry of putting things on hold. If I want more opinions on something, I'll go digging around more, but I'm not responsible for any ordering/choosing and bloggers keep me more than busy with ideas.


Erm, as stalkerish as it makes me sound, I'm pretty obsessed with your reviews at the moment. I'm plowing through a long list of books I found here.

I read the reviews in the local Sunday paper (Seattle Times), but mainly as fodder for freelance pitches. Ditto the Oregonian. I read the NYT book section when I can get ahold of it, but I hate reading that one online, for some reason.

Teabird and I seem to have similar taste, so I often check out the books she's reviewed.

I guess that's about it these days; I'm pretty busy reading "Goodnight, Gorilla" twelve times an hour.


Lots of blogs mostly - and Booklist. The Booklist reviews are so damn short (175 words) that they can't tell you much - but do give me an idea if it's a book I want to find out more about, and that's pretty much half the battle right there.

I'd still love to know if Voya and Kirkus both ran reviews by the same guy on Lubar's book though (which it sure looks like they did). That whole post is really depressing.


Being a huge nerd, I love all book reviews, but in terms of volume, I read more blogged reviews. Still, I'm also a regular reader of SLJ, Booklist, and VOYA. I also use our databases, like NoveList, to look up reviews if I've got a particular book I want to find out about. Nerd.


Oh, yeah! I forgot about Novelist -- I also love it. (Huge nerds all 'round, huh?)

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