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08 May 2007


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I can't believe I've never read this! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Eva Ibbotson. Which Witch? is on my Top Ten of All Time List. Off to bookstore RIGHT NOW. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.


I read this in high school, long, long ago. I think it should speak for itself that I still remember it vividly, especially the curtsying scene.


The curtsying scene made me think of you, so that makes sense to me! You should totally re-read it.

Josh went out yesterday while I was at work and got me the other one they've re-printed -- he said it was a painfully un-manly moment -- so I'm hoping to read it later this week.

I love this book too! Eva Ibbotson is amazing - can't think of another writer who can do three different types of books and do them all so well.

Lady S.

Sorry - the above was my enthusiastic burbling. Typepad wouldn't let me remove my anonymity before.




I started reading it yesterday morning in Barnes and Nobles, but I had to stop half way.Then I went back in the evening, and finished it. I literally couldn't put it down. It's so great! The way Ibbotsen portrays the characters really makes you love them. Anna is so good, that no one can hate her, but at the same time she has personality faults such as her temper, so she's a character that is believable and relatable. Rupert and Anna are perfect togeter. I was dying with laughter at the scene when the poor relations are acting like lunatics, clucking, and screaming. That was so funny. A Countess Below Stairs got me interested in Russia. Before the Bolshevik revolution it sounded so glamorous and beautiful. I feel sorry for all the murdered aristocracy even though i know they oppressed the lower classes. Anyway, Someone should make a movie of this book.


By the way, the audio version is fab fab fab. The governess sounds like Maggie Smith at her starchiest, and Anna has a hint of Audrey Hepburn. It's hard to leave it behind in the car.


EVA IBBOTSON IS THE BEST! i almost cried at some parts! it was so romantic!


Completely agree with you. It just called me again and again to reread it. Funny, romantic. A vivid piece of literature worth commending. Also, a good addition to any book collection or library.

Harry potter

i love this book almost as much as harry potter it should be a movie i would buy it the day it came out


I absolutely LOVE this book. It is a total all time FAVORITE. See, the joke is, is that I have impeccible (?) taste in books, so whenever one of my friends picks up a book, they're like, "Avery? Is this good?" And I'll reply. :) This book, A Countess Below Stairs is a goodie, and you can tell by hhow worn its cover is!! Haha. I recommend to EVERYONE that this book is a clasic, and if you like Happy Endings and Romantis Plots, this is the book for you! Love, A.

Sorry. That's HOW... worn its cover is, and ROMANTIC Plots. Hehe.

Avery, again

Okay, I totally just saw that you are currently reading The Luxe. I have read that book! It is SOOOOOO good!!! Make a report on the fantastic-ness of it, soon!!!!! Yay!

Laura H

I was linked to your blog thru Becky's book reviews. I love Eva Ibbotson. I've read every book at the library. Even the juvenile books. I'm glad someone in the world likes her too.

I so wish i could have Eva Ibbotson's email address so i could tell her how much i love 'The Secret Countess'! She's amazing!


I love this book and how I dreaded that, that Muriel ugh. She's so nasty she doesn't deserve someone like Rupert. She lied about her family saying she's an orphan and all. Anyways it really is a lovely story though there are some foreign language to come by but it's very good. Suitable for all ages.

Jaime S

I absolutely love this book!!!! It's my favourite book out of the other romances that Eva Ibbotson's ever written! I also love "The Morning Gift!"


I adore Eva Ibbotson.

Unfortunately, I own this:


      Thanks, Canada.

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