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29 May 2007


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Brian F.

In my holiday travels, I saw a half dozen billboards advertising the Condo's they had for sale.

People are getting paid to butcher punctuation. Why can't I be paid to smack them?




Oh, my God, this makes me insane. That and "Get You're Best Bargains Today!" Christ. We also have this at my library, a collection that is called the "Too Good To Miss" collection, and most of the book labels proclaim, "To Good." Grr....


Gaaaah! I totally agree.

I just recently saw this variation on a popular bumper sticker: "There's a village in Texas missing it's idiot." I don't think they're all like that because, certainly, I've seen a lot of these and I'd never noticed the misused apostrophe before. Anyway, it was good for a grammatical laugh, even though it pained me to see it.

Adam S.

I would've fixed the box with a marker or something. I tend to deface property on a daily basis.


I would HAVE to get out my Sharpie, no other help for it.
You know, every time I see a "Think Different" sign, I am tempted to make a t-shirt on Threadless.com -- Think DifferentLY: Use Adverbs!"


Lady S

Thanks for the laugh.

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