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30 May 2007


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I'm happy to see the fab Jincy Willett on the list (and Lydia Millet for that matter), but I care not a whit for the randomness of who these suggestions came in from.


That's the thing about these kinds of lists - unless you have a connection with the people listing the books then their suggestions won't really mean anything. I would like to know what books the two of you think are overlooked because I love books you both recommend. But the folks on this list? I don't think so.

And don't forget - another "wicked cool overlooked book" at my site on Monday for June!!!


I, too, have read a mighty two! Score.

Like I'm almost curious enough to take a chance on a couple but I generally have no luck with books the critics like...


Oh, I always like lists -- I get reminded of books I've been meaning to pick up (like the Millet) and point out a few that I, at the very least, go forth and read about.

Anyone read Barbara Seranella? The Munch Mancini mysteries were the ones that caught my eye this go 'round.


I've read one, and started but didn't like another. I printed out the list cause many of them looked interesting. We'll see...

PS-- are you watching Friday Night Lights? The whole thing's up at nbc.com. Amazing.


I read one of those books. One! How is that possible? I keep reading and reading and all I wind up with is more lists of books that I haven't read nearly enough of.


I've read none of them. You're way ahead of me.

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