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10 May 2007


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(that would make the perfect birthday present for someone I know..)

Brian F.

Not fair. I was at least going to make you some Dalek cookies with my Dalek cookie cutter but what can you do for me? Open bottles? So much for that technology exchange.

Have you seen the Dalek alarm clock? I was tempted to get it, until a friend pointed out, "Do you really want to be jarred from sleep by a Dalek screaming 'Exterminate!'?" Might be the world's first somno-laxative.


Liz: I got mine at eBay.co.uk., but if you Google "Dalek bottle opener", lots of vendors pop up.

Brian: I just looked it up. What were they thinking!? Yet... I kind of want it.

PS. I'm looking forward to the Will Ferrell Land of the Lost movie! MU Ha ha aa!

Brian F.

Now you're just TRYING to make me cry.


I grew up with a girl named Dilek who ended up dating one of my best friends (who I was probably in love with) and having an awesome life (and she probably still does) and in general I just can't think of anything like her name bringing me anything but frustration because I'm petty.

So no, not jealous.


HAHAHAHA! I honestly might take up drinking things out of bottles JUST for this opener.
Now if only Netflix would carry the next season already, my life would roll along just fine...

Although I am mightily tempted by that alarm clock, somno-laxative aspects notwithstanding...


I would love this, but it would probably drive my poor puppy Pickles berserk. The BF has a Homer Simpson bottle opener and you should hear the way the dog howls everytime Homey speaks.

Who has the Dalek cookie cutters? I want.

Season two is available from Blockbuster online, that's how I saw it. It was also the reason I switched from Netflix. How long til Season 3 airs?


Hasn't season three aired already? In the UK anyway, CBC is starting it in June. All because of the stupid Stanley Cup.


"stupid Stanley Cup"?! Sacrilege!


Just what I want to hear every time I open a fresh brew, someone reminding me that I'm exterminating my liver cells... :)

Since I already have the talking Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin bottle openers, I don't think the significant other would look too kindly upon this anyway...


Totally jealous. But even more so of the cookie cutter (being more of a baker than a drinker).


Yes, I am.


omg totally jealous!

Little Willow

Oh my gosh. Do they have a non-alcoholic Dalek thingy?


Well, you could always use it to open root beet! And there's always the cookie cutter and the scary alarm clock.

I'm thinking about getting into needlepoint -- a Dalek pillow is JUST what our apartment needs.


Oh, this is too funny. And I loved the "Oh whatever" line too!

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