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29 May 2007


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she wants to be famous, to be recognized by everyone else in her hometown grocery store. she won't ever give that up. the books are beside the point.

Kelly Fineman

I can't help thinking it's not a new case she needs.

And no attorney? Color me shocked. Not.


ugh. Can I just say that I am embarrassed that this woman is from GA? Not that 85% of my state and it's government is not embarrassing enough....*sigh. How's the weather above the Mason-Dixon line?

Liz B

How's this for a great quote (taken from the above article): "At Tuesday's hearing, Mallory argued in part that witchcraft is a religion practiced by some people and, therefore, the books should be banned because reading them in school violates the constitutional separation of church and state."

I am sure non-lawyer Mallory thought this was the smartest argument ever. So is Mallory prepared for every book in school that mentions any religion to be pulled from the shelf? I don't think so.


This is sort of off topic, but I tagged you for the 8 Things Meme.

a Paperback Writer

Please also notice that this woman also readily admits she has NEVER read any of the books. Go figure.
And to Tulip in Georgia, hey, I'm just glad that for once it isn't some nutcase from Utah embarrassing me.


She is so stupid. All the HP books do is encourage kids to read. I bet she's just doing for all the publicity. Stupid woman.

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