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08 May 2007


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Oooh, my goodness. You have spoken HERESY aloud! We are ALL supposed to LOVE this book!

Actually, I'm really grateful I'm not the only one that felt like, "Geez, could she have just tried to blend in a little?" and then felt evil because of course, NO ONE should HAVE to TRY to be anything other than their dear little self in high school... at least that's what we were told; reality tends to be somewhat different... She just irritated me SO MUCH.

I do hope we like her better. Maybe hearing her 'voice' not through the eyes of a boy will help...

bryn @ brio

It's Spinelli. I had the same reaction to the ending of "eggs." It was so satisfyingly real, but gosh, getting through the crazy friendship of those two ... so real it hurt? I don't know. Curious about this one as well. Has another author done the whole title-is-really-a-picture deal?

Kelly Fineman

"I can't wait to read this so I can tell whether I want to punch the MC in the face" is an odd sort of endorsement.

Little Willow

I wasn't a big fan of Stargirl either. Give me Maniac Magee any day.


I thought I was the only one who didn't looooove Stargirl! That character irked me too-- I know it's based on his wife, and for all I know she may be a perfectly lovely person, but the way it was written just...ohh... I have to think about it some more to remember exactly why it bothered me so. It's been a while.


Oh dear. I had no idea that the character was based on his wife. Now I feel slightly guilty.

But only slightly.

Brent Hartinger

I'm not supposed to say what I think of books, but...I hate this book. One of my least favorite YA books ever, for the reason you say.

But teens seem to love it, I'll say that.


I'll admit, most of my joy from this title came from the fact that I listened to the audio version...read by John Ritter. Who did a weirdly fantastic job. I'm kind of sad he's not here to read the second one for me.

Faithful Reader from Canada

I'm going to put myself out there, but I absolutely LOVED Stargirl when I read it. Partly because she was so unique and partly because she was happy with herself for being different. I also loved the message that the book portrayed. During the tumultuous existence that is high school, it's OK to be yourself, even when the world hates you for it. I think that there needs to be more books that send that message, rather than the "Gossip Girl" and "Clique" type books that tell girls to be a certain way, or else. Am I too innocent for my own good?


FRfC: As far as I know, you're in the majority on this one! And of course I agree that "Be Yourself" is a great message -- I just couldn't stand the character.

Nonanon: As strong as my feelings are about the book, a John Ritter audiobook is so very tempting. He was so awesome.


Loved the cover though.

BlueRectangle Books

Little Willow

Rest in peace, John Ritter. I kind of whimper every time I see a Clifford cartoon, because John supplied the voice. I would have liked to have worked with the man. Great comedian. Great sense of timing, improv, and space.

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