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07 May 2007


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Kelly Fineman

I might feel that way over a book about murdering rapist penguins. Maybe. But in my book, gay isn't even a misdemeanor; it's just another version of normal. Yeesh.

As a friend of gay couples with adopted kids, I'm glad the book is available to help children understand that they're are lots of kinds of families.

a Paperback Writer

Uh, typo. sorry.
"There are" not "they're."


Muderous Penquins might be a great band name, but probably not a great picture book.

Of course, And Tango Makes Three isn't even close. It's a beautiful book about different kinds of families. You know, penquin families.


(I'm embarrassed that I let my mispelling of penguin post. I always have to go back and correct myself when I type spaghetti too.)

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