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03 May 2007


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Adam S.

We need a Dairy Queen sequel update. That's what I've been waiting for.


It's good.


I'm thinking that what Adam meant by "update" is "why haven't you typed it up and posted it?


I want to re-read it before posting about it and I loaned my copy to the girls.

Okay, it's because I'm lazy. If I don't write up books immediately after reading them, they end up in the teetering pile of Books I've Read But Haven't Posted About Yet. It's bad news.

Josh and I started culling the herd this week -- we packed up nine boxes (banana boxes, mind you -- they're BIG) of books to put into storage. Unfortunately, it didn't make much of a dent.

But aren't you proud that I liked the horses?


Yes, Leila. We're very proud. Now start typing.


O I didn't mean post ABOUT it. I meant POST IT. Screw copyright infringement.

Oh my GOD what could you not love about this book?! It is absoulutely amazing. It kind of takes you for a ride. I love the Harry Potter series but these top them for sure.

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