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18 May 2007


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It was me -- you're now the fourth person to read this since then (that I know of), which makes me very, very happy!

Fuse #8

I've always been a fan of this book. But if you think THAT cover was bad, check out this one. I'm not sure what was up with this or this. The best of the lot, we can all agree, is this. I wish I could find the awful original paperback cover though. That's the one I read as a teen and it's pure delicious ridiculousness.


Auugh!! Leave it to you to dig up those covers.

And thanks, Gwenda!

Nic Dempsey

It's not fair, I found this site and you keep reminding me of books I loved and making want to read new ones...the unread book pile is going to be getting a whole lot bigger...


Yes - Gwenda had a big "I love you" moment with this book a couple of weeks ago. I meant to post at her site at the time that I also love Mahy's Catalog of the Universe. It is not fantasy - it's more a coming-of-age novel about two very cool/quirky teens but I love it just as much. She's one of my all time favorite authors.

(And it was reissued recently with a very acceptable cover!)

Faithful Reader from Canada

I hated hated hated this book. It's the first book that I ever actually gave up on and stopped halfway through. About a month later I felt bad and tried again, only to quit in the same spot. I don't know what it is about the book, but I just couldn't finish it!!


I don't know if I've ever actually read this one, but now I think I have to. I will echo Nic Dempsey's endorsement of Catalog of the Universe... I think I must have reread that book about 40 times when I was twelve.

it's wonderfull!!!^___^*


I first read it when I was 14-15 and its been a favorite since.My only regret is that I dont own a copy of it. Ps as for the cover,I have always liked the swedish cover(Im swedish!) Even if its dated.

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