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04 May 2007


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Did you read the whole thing? Cah-Ray-Zee.


I can only refer to an idea that Roger (The Horn Book) has been writing about recently: Since when are reviewers suppose to be nice? Professional or hobby reviewers GIVE THEIR OPINION. Good or bad, that's what they do. Get over it, move on and don't make a fool of yourself saying that "mean" reviewers are destroying the industry. Especially when they decide to review smut. Oh, excuse me, Erotic Fiction.

Honestly, the review sounds like something I would write when faced with a book that bad. Though, I do try to cuss less.


Finally got through ALL of it. At the very bottom of the Dear Author.com breakdown is discussion of whether it was really her and a claim that "that someone hacked into her computer and wrote that rambling mess". How beautiful.

Either way: awesome. Awesome in it's absolutely, off the deep end Cah-Ray-Zee.


There's a later post at DA in which RT confirms that the post was indeed written by KF.


I do like Romantic Times. This "to do" though makes me, well, uncomfortable giving them money if these are truly the feelings of the magazine CEO. It's a REVIEW magazine.

That and the fact that I'm still REALLY grumpy about reading Mona Lisa based on RT's reviews. Funny how they never mentioned the BLATANT PLAGIARISM. But I digress. I really am trying to stay out of rant land. I have errands to run.


Book reviewing is a tricky business and now with blogs and the media at loggerheads about the whole business, I thik that everyone should have their say.

Talking Book Reviews and more!

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